Consultation: Getting to know you.

We dive deep into your unique aspirations and concerns during this initial meeting. Dr. Obaidi, offers guidance rooted in over two decades of expertise. Every procedure is tailored to your needs, providing you with realistic expectations so that you’ll be happy with the results.

Filling out a questionnaire with a white pencil.

Preparation: Preparing you for the procedure.

Our commitment to your safety and results starts well before the procedure. We provide detailed guidelines on pre-operative care, covering everything from dietary considerations to medications. Every step is designed to set the stage for a successful surgery and seamless recovery.

Surgeon holding a breast implant.

Recovery: Support every step of the way.

Post-operative care is crucial. At Aurez, we're by your side throughout the recovery process. With resources and advice on best practices, pain relief, and routine check-ins, we're here to ensure your comfort and optimal outcomes. No question is too trivial, and no hour too late.

Stethescope on a book.

Risk-informed decisions for peace of mind.

All surgeries carry inherent risks. We believe in complete transparency. During our consultations, we'll discuss potential risks associated with your chosen procedure, offering a balanced perspective so you can make an informed decision.

Doctor writing on a notepad.

Questions? Get in touch.


What can I expect during my initial consultation?
How long does a typical consultation last?
What should I bring to my consultation?
How long before I can resume normal activities post-surgery?
How are risks communicated and managed at Aurez Aesthetics?
What kind of post-operative care can I expect from Aurez Aesthetics?
Will there be any scars, and how noticeable will they be?
How long will the results of my procedure last?
Do you offer financing or payment plans for procedures?
How often should I expect to come in for routine check-ups post-surgery?
How do I know which procedure is right for me?
What are the consultation fees?
How do I prepare for my surgery?
Will I need someone to accompany me on the day of the procedure?
What measures does Aurez take to ensure patient safety during surgery?
How soon after surgery will I have follow-up appointments?
How do I address any concerns or complications post-surgery?
Is there a waiting list for surgeries? If so, how long?
What is the policy for revisions if I'm unsatisfied with the results?
Do you use the latest technologies and techniques at Aurez Aesthetics?
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